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The Euston Arch Trust campaigns for the rebuilding of the Euston Arch. The first great monument of the railway age, it was demolished in the 1960s amid widespread protest. The proposed redevelopment of Euston Station now presents an opportunity to rebuild the Arch.

Michael Palin: Patron of Euston Arch Trust

The enormous popularity of the restored St Pancras, soon to be followed by a restored King's Cross, has shown that celebration of the past and potential for the future are not mutually exclusive. The restoration of Euston Arch would restore to London's oldest mainline terminus some of the character and dignity of its great neighbours.”

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Following the salvage of more stones by British Waterways, detailed plans to rebuild the Euston Arch are revealed

Joe Robson's image of the arch rebuilt between the two existing lodges: here.

Lost Destination prints by Dorothy

Prints of an exclusive design for the London Transport Museum are available as part of the Lost Destination series of prints. Further details on the Dorothy website.

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Photos of 24 stones from the Euston Arch recovered from the Prescott Channel can be seen here

RHT alternative scheme

Drawing by Malcolm Wood

The Railway Heritage Trust has produced an alternative scheme for the siting of the rebuilt Arch. They are concerned that the EAT scheme - with the Arch placed between the lodges - would bring it too close to the existing war memorial. The RHT suggests that the Arch is built to the north of the war memorial - the same distance to its north, as the lodges are to its south. This would make the memorial become the centre of the composition. The Arch set on the northern edge of the existing Euston Square Garden would have a less visible presence on the Euston Road and a less direct relationship with the lodges. In addition the RHT suggest that the splendid statue of Stephenson - now languishing to one side of the piazza in front of the station - be given pride of place between the lodges. Opinions welcome.

Euston Arch Model by Tim Richards

The Euston Arch model, hand made by renowned model maker Tim Richards, is now on sale in support of the Euston Arch Trust. Finely crafted in plaster, with real bronze gates and lead roofing, examples are available to buy for £400 (click here for image). For more information, or to place an order, email info@eustonarch.org