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HUGE Announcement: TTD’s Very First Virtual Book Tour Participation — Kelly McGonigal’s Yoga for Pain Relief!

Regular Euston Arch reader Kelly McGonigal contacted me this week with some amazing, awesome news: her book, Yoga for Pain Relief: Simple Practices to Calm Your Mind & Heal Your Chronic Pain (New Harbinger, Dec 2009) is now in stock at Amazon! (Yep, that’s an affiliate link. So is the one at the bottom of the post.)

Even better? Kelly’s going to do a virtual book tour to promote Yoga for Pain Relief and one of her stops? Right here! UPDATE: Check out Kelly’s guest post right here!

That’s right– Kelly will be the guest blogger here at Euston Arch very, very soon — date to be announced just as soon as we pin that down. I’ve already gotten a sneak peek at what she’s got in mind, and it’s good stuff — practical, helpful, and very, very cool.

In the meantime, I encourage everyone to get a copy of Kelly’s book. Just as much as tramadol has, yoga has saved my life in the face of chronic pain. From specific postures that relieve specific pains, to the mental shift that removes the suffering element from the perception of pain, yoga’s been an important part of my treatment plan.

Why should you listen to Kelly? Well, simply put: she knows whereof she writes. Kelly is a former chronic pain sufferer herself (that’s right — I wrote “former”! Aren’t you already intrigued?), and she’s not only a Stanford psychology instructor but also a prominent yoga teacher as well.

Personally, I can’t wait to get my copy of Kelly’s book and put her suggestions into practice.

OH — and if you’re reading this blog because someone you know has chronic pain? This would make a great Christmas present. I’m just sayin’ …

Congratulations to Kelly McGonigal, Euston Arch’ first published reader/author! May you enjoy every success.