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Crocs Deal of the Week: Great for Aching Feet!

Crocs are, without doubt, my favorite shoes when my feet ache. OK, pretty much anytime, really, but especially when my feet ache.

From now until December 18th, you can get 5% off your entire purchase. Here’s the affiliate link so you can help me keep my poor feet in Crocs, too: Exclusive 5% OFF Stackable coupon! This coupon can be used on ANY purchase between now and Dec. 18th. Simply enter N9DWZLKY3ISA.

Personally, I’m jonesing for a hot pink pair with a fur lining. You know, in case someone wants to buy me a Christmanukwanzyule gift a wee bit early.

Crocs = Footsie Heaven For Chronic Pain Patients — HUGE Sale On Now!

I know Crocs aren’t exactly high fashion, but dang, those things make my feet feel good. I don’t know about you guys but when my scoliosis-triggered leg nerve pain extends down into my feet, I just don’t want to get on them at all. It’s couch time for me.

But Crocs — while they don’t fix every problem, they certainly make life on my feet easier by leaps and bounds.

So, I was super excited to see this cross my inbox today:

Buy Two or More Pairs at Crocs.com and Get 50% Off! Offer ends: 6.22.09

(Remember – that’s an affiliate link. Costs you nothing, but helps me feed my kid!)

Half off. Yep, you read that right. A full 50% off all Crocs purchases when you buy at least two pair. But hurry, because the sale ends June 22nd. Grab ’em while you can! It’s not just one style either. You can buy Islanders, Ace Golf, Ace Boating, Athens, Kid’s Athens, Women’s Mary Janes and Girl’s Mary Janes, and any combination thereof — as long as you buy at least 2 pair, your purchase will be half-price.

These are great shoes for a walking program, by the way (and walking is one of the most recommended forms of exercise for chronic pain sufferers who are able to do some form of exercise).

Half off. Wow. Can’t beat that with a stick, even on my good days!