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A Note to Readers

I love comments. I really do.

But just in the last few days I’ve gotten two really sketchy comments spouting questionable science and unsupported claims, contrary to most accepted and reliable sources.

It didn’t take me long to delete them, but it kind of pisses me off, to be truthful.

The Internet is great for allowing all kinds of viewpoints to be put out there. The problem is that all kinds of viewpoints are out there, and it’s hard for most of us to sort out the quacks from the truth-speakers. It’s equally hard for a blogger writing about medical issues from the perspective of a patient. I’m keenly aware that what I write might be the basis for someone else’s course of action.

That’s why I will ALWAYS urge readers to talk to their doctors before taking a particular course of action. It’s also why I only use resources I believe to be reputable and reliable in my posts.

And it’s why I’m going to delete comments without any further discussion if those comments make wild, unsupported claims that run completely contrary to what those reliable sources present as a consensus, especially when those comments don’t even provide a single supporting reference.

I’m all for debate and discussion, and if I’ve missed something I truly hope someone will point it out to me. Feel free to submit a comment pointing out a contrary view, or your own experience. But don’t write a comment that flies in the face of the most basic research and expect me to approve it without a single reliable reference or cite.

It’s just not going to happen. This is too important a subject.

My only other “rules” for comments are pretty much based on common sense:

  1. No spam.
  2. No rudeness, name-calling, defamation, or copyright infringement.
  3. Absolutely NO racism, sexism, or any other kind of -ism.
  4. And, just because it’s my site and this kind of person really ticks me off, no “naysayers” who think chronic pain is “all in our heads.” Go elsewhere. I’m sure there’s a site out there that will welcome your ignorance. Go find it, with my blessings.

I reserve the right to make more such rules as the need arises, but I hope and believe that won’t be necessary.