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Calling All Patients: I Want Your Bad Doctor Stories

I don’t know about you, but I don’t generally pay others to abuse me.

Now, I have the greatest respect for the medical profession. My own mom (rest her soul) was a lifelong nurse and nursing teacher, and I’ve been blessed with several good doctors. I’ve got nothing to complain of, currently.

But not all fibromyalgia and chronic pain patients are so lucky. And I think it’s high time we blew the lid off the big not-so-secret secret behind dealing with chronic pain: sometimes, our biggest detractors wear white coats.

Call it the God complex. Call it institutional arrogance. Call it personal fear or ignorance or – heck, call it Bertha, if you like. But whatever the cause, we deal with bad doctors and nurses all the time.

Whether it’s the general practitioner who thinks you’re making your pain up, or the nurse who’s consistently rude to you in the exam room when you ask for a medication refill, those stories need to be told, and I’d like to tell ’em here.

So send me your bad doctor/bad nurse stories — you can find me on Twitter, or use the contact form here on this site. Be sure to tell me how you dealt with the problem, if you did deal with it, or whether you changed doctors as a result of this encounter.

One request: please leave out any identifying personal information for the person in question. When I share the stories, I’ll redact all of your personal info as well, of course. If you want to be really anonymous, just leave me a comment to this post.

Let’s get this epidemic problem out of the dark corners and bring it into the light, where it belongs.