Check Me Out, On the Radio And All! Euston Arch Goes Media-Savvy…

What are you guys doing tonight at 8 PM Eastern? Nothing, you say? Nothing, that is, but washing the cat and alphabetizing your medicine cabinet?

Aw, then, come on over and listen to two fabulous women sitting in very different cities and talking about chronic pain! Yeah, that’s the ticket!

No, actually, it really is the ticket. I’ll be a guest on Trudy Thomas’s “Living with RSD” internet radio show tonight at 8 PM. And, from what Trudy tells me, you should be able to check out the archives later, if you like and aren’t able to listen in live.

But if you can, join us — we’re going to chat about all kinds of fun stuff, like Halloween, and cotton candy and … oh, actually that’s just the stuff I want to talk about. Trudy’s really running the show so I bet it’s going to be even more spectaculariffic than that. One thing I definitely wanna chat about: just what the heck Google and ISPs have against my site, ferpetessake! Intrigued? You’ll have to tune in to find out more!

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